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aTurnos’ tool allows you to send a link to your clients to book an appointment. Sign in to get a 30-days free trial and start to receive immediately your client’s reservations!

Subsequently, the service is free for companies with less than 5 employees.

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Start immediately to receive your client’s appointments.

1. When you register in aTurnos you can generate immediately a link to send it to your clients.

However, if your needs are different to the standard configuration, you can:

  • Establish your opening hours.
  • Create the services you would like to offer.
  • Limit the duration of each service according to your needs, capacities, etc.
Chica aTurnos
Chica aTurnos

Simple form, easy to send.

2. aTurnos will generate a link that you can send to your clients to book an appointment.

They will have the option to select date and hour, service and the employee available to attend them.

Appointment confirmation

3. Once the appointment is registered, you will receive a notification in your email and on your mobile phone (if you have our app downloaded).

Your clients will receive in their email all the appointment’s detail.

Each appointment has an identification number, for example: SG-15 (because it is very common to have two clients with the same name).

Movil aTurnos
Movil aTurnos

Control the number of appointments and the capacity.

4. In aTurnos you can see the pending appointments and the number of appointments completed, control the capacity and adjust your availability.

Integrations with digital signage.

5. Optionally you can integrate your appointments with digital signage. You will only need to copy the address indicated in each of the professional panel to see the appointments in each of them.

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