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What the employees management process consist on?

Paid permissions and holidays management

Employees can send requests (absenteeisms) and holidays so they will be validated for the corresponding administrator according to the defined flows (a supervisor, HHRR, etc.). Moreover, by accepting these requests, the system recommends you a substitute for the position according to restrictions and employee’s features.

In the other hand, administrator can insert absenteeisms and holidays directly in the schedule or through importation.

In aTurnos we count with various configuration options of the request process , so you can customize the validation flow, deadlines, maximum of days or hours of permissions according to the convention and the limitations according to your company’s necessities.

Shifts and hours offers

Administrators can offer shifts or hours in that time zones when staff is needed. Afterwards, employees can sign in for the offers they wish and administrators can choose the candidates that comply the best with the defined rules.

Administrators can offer shifts or hours in that time zones when staff is needed. Afterwards, employees can sign in for the offers they wish and administrators can choose the candidates that comply the best with the defined rules.

Shift swaps

Employees can request shift swaps between them. It exists a big variety of types depending on employees’ necessities: one to one shift switches, one day-off for another, or shifts doubling.

Validation flows for this swaps can be customized with numerous options to make it a controlled process and direct between employees or to require an administrator (or various) intervention.

Bidirectional communication with the employees

In aTurnos we have numerous features to carry on a constant communication with your employees and that way you can manage your team quickly.

  • Through the request processes, employees and administrators can add comments and also in shifts or specific days.
  • There is a bulletin board in widget format in the home screen where the team is notified any time a new message is added.
  • From the app, you can send messages directly to the employees.
  • Customized automatic emails (for example, to remember the final month revision of hours worked).

Payroll exportation and

All the planning process and daily management of each month generates an accumulated of balance that can be checked and exported to payroll as predefined concepts. The process of payroll exportation is fully configurable, according to the permissions of each user, manual or automatic schedule closure according to the exportation dates, etc.

Furthermore, in aTurnos we count with a big number of predefined statistics and report variables that will help you to keep a quick and efficient of the ratios and KPIs you need.

Finally, you can also configure the home page with your favorite widgets, so when you access to the you have at a glance the data you need to check, novelties and alerts in your team.

Documents management

Employees can attach documents in the permissions or holidays requests they perform, and the administrators can attach the individual documents (for example, payrolls) or collective ( employees values) to all team's users.

All the documents can be attached, see and deleted according to the permissions defined for each type of document associated to each process of the system (requests, personal documentation, etc.).

Resources and work proofs

Create a field form that employee must fill in on each shift to extract the operative information you need or count in a payroll concept shape. For example, you can create fields such as: Kilometers, diets, etc..., to count the corresponding in case of shift with displacement.

Mobile app

The aTurnos mobile app is the perfect complement for an easier and efficient daily employee’s management. It is a simpler and more intuitive environment than the web, where employees will find all the features they need (request, planning visualization, etc.) and administrators can perform simple managements quicker (accept or deny requests, visualize changes, etc.).

Holidays manager

We simplify the process of holidays requests for supervisors and employees. Use our assistant to re-plan and validate coverages

Absences control

And, of course, we manage all the Permissions that can be requested by the users from the app and absences by other causes such as TIs

Configure your teams taking into account labor legislation

Likewise the employees statute,as basic rule, collective sector conventions (national, autonomic or local) and/or company conventions establish obligatory rules.

Export planning data to payroll

All shifts, hours, absences information can be exported to a CSV file that will conform the month variables for the payroll configuration.

Shift planning

Do the planning of your work team shifts’ with our calculator or create templates with fixed and rotating schedules.

Payroll concepts

Export planning data to payroll to automate payments in your payroll tool, automate this process for not making mistakes.

Tasks Management

Once your employee’s schedule is made, allocate tasks manually or automatically in line with the abilities of each employee.

aTurnos is a complete solution for doing Plannings and managing employees

Do you need to complete swaps and schedules management processes with the real time checked-in/out by employees?

With our feature Time control you can register your employees’ arrivals and exits and generate their hours worked balance. With aTurnos you can register your employees’ working hours from multiple systems for a higher flexibility. Moreover, generating several reports for a most efficient and dynamic hours legal control.

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