The documents feature allows you to upload files to your employees individually (e.g.their payroll) or generally (company's protocol) and attach documents to your employees regarding your requests (e.g. Proofs) or specific documents (e.g. shopping tickets).

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Create different type of documents For a better organization and breakdown. For example, proofs, tickets, payroll, etc., Each of these types will consist on a group of documents, some derived from request processes and holidays, some others will take part in the employee’s sheet, etc.

Manage permissions Each of the type of documents created in the first step, can carry out a particular configuration of permissions about who can upload, download or see that documents. For example, the type of file Payroll, only can be updated by the total administrators, while the type of file “Proof” can be updated all users’ levels, but can only be deleted by administrators.

Subir y descargar los documentos. El proceso de adjuntar o subir archivos masivos a varios empleados (por ejemplo, las nóminas) se pueden hacer de forma automática mediante integración. Pero cuando se trata de archivos sueltos, tanto por parte del trabajador como el Administrador, estos archivos se pueden subir y descargar tanto desde la cuenta en como desde la APP móvil.