Check-in/out from card or fingerprint readers


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In aTurnos we count with the check-in/out through biometric devices that will allow your employees to check-in/out with their fingerprint or through a contact card. That devices must be installed in your company and if it is not the case, aTurnos will be responsible of its installation.

The biometric information is storaged locally, in the client network and it is map with aTurnos data to identify employees, but aTurnos does not receive any employees’ biometric information. Biometric information is not reproducible, they are only storaged for its validation.

Our provider of biometric devices is Suprema, this way check-ins/outs registered by employees are inserted in real time automatically from Suprema’s systems to our platform. It is an automated integration and validated in more than 2.000 readers.

This time control system can be reused for access control, doors opening, turnstiles, etc. You can divide employees that register working hours with extern staff for access control. In a nutshell, there can be employees only connected to aTurnos and other employees scheduled only for access control.

icono-aturnos Fingerprint

icono-aturnos Card

  • Facilitate your employees their check-in/out through cards reading. Each card is associated to an employee which must be read in a device that aTurnos will provide, thereby employees will register their arrivals and exits tap your card on your device.

  • You can charge the card number that already exist in the company because they are reused for the working hours register if they exist previously. The devices are compatible with standards such as Mifare,125khz,13,56,NFC. HID, etc.

icono-aturnos Direct integration with aTurnos

  • Check-ins/outs made by employees through their fingerprint or a contact card are inserted directly to aTurnos automatically. With those you can meet the excess/defect of hours worked regarding the scheduled and control the situation of your staff in real time.

  • Plan hours and team shifts in aTurnos and define the tolerances which are established by the time margin to generate absences, complementary/Overtime hours, etc.

  • Complete your employee’s check-ins/outs in case they forgot to complete any check-in/out and analyze deviations produced regarding planning.

  • From aTurnos you can generate reports about your employee’s check-ins/outs have a better control of your team and comply with the Daily working hours register of the 1.h) of the R.D. Law 16/2013 required by the Labor inspection.

  • Export the data to you payroll tool through a CSV file or with our API once the payroll concepts have been generated automatically in aTurnos.

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