Check-in/out from your mobile phone, registered by geolocation


dispositivo movil

In aTurnos we have GPS check-in/out or geolocation system. Define the ratio from which employees can check-in/out if they are not inside that determined zone they can’t register their check-ins/outs. The team administrator can check where exactly have their employees checked-in/out.

Administrators can create in aTurnos different locations with an address and a distance ratio, so employees can only check-in/out inside the established perimeters.

You can also allow free check-ins/outs in any zone, in case you are only interested in meeting exact locations of each of your employees in entrances and exits.

The possibility to check-in/out from any place and collect the exact data where the check-ins/outs where registrated can be established to all employees or to specific ones (for example, for sales representatives).

Employees can check-in/out from aTurnos through any GPS device and with an application in iOS or Android. There are also portable devices that have that type of sensors and with an adjusted positioning the employee can check-in/out.

The aTurnos’ APP doesn’t do a constant monitoring of the employee, the system only collects their position when the employee touches in the app to check-in/out. This position validation, is performed in-app, the geolocation data don’t reach to aTurnos, they are only used for the App validation, and the check-in/out is sent, but not the specific location. The specific location is only collected in a specific configuration when the employee checks-in/out for its validation.

icono-aturnos Direct integration with aTurnos

  • Check-ins/outs made by your employees by geolocation are inserted directly in aTurnos where you can check in real time the situation of your team. Analyze the excess/defect of hours worked regarding the scheduled and generate absences, complementary hours, overtime, etc.

  • Plan your staff hours creating shifts’ schedules and define the tolerances which you establish the time margin to generate absences, overtime hours, complementary hours in your employee’s check-ins/outs.

  • Complete your employee’s check-ins/outs in case they forgot to complete any check-in/out and analyze deviations produced regarding planning.

  • Generate from aTurnos all the reports about your employee’s check-ins/outs in PDF or Excel, have a better control of your team and comply with the Daily working hours register of the 1.h) of the R.D. Law 16/2013 required by the Labor inspection.

  • Export the data to you payroll tool through a CSV file or with our API once the payroll concepts have been generated automatically in aTurnos.

icono-aturnos How the GPS check-in/out is configured?