Check-in/out from your team, IP filtered and devices


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icono-aturnos Web, IP filtered

  • This check-in/out system allows employees register entrances and exists from any device (PC, mobile or tablet) connected to company's network through IP filtering.

  • The filter can be performed by a private IP (used by every device inside our local network, allowing the identification of different devices connected to it) or by a Public IP (it is identified from the exterior). If in your center you work inside a VPN you can limit the check-in/out when the employee is only in the company’s network.

  • In case the company has a network with own server, both options are available, if the local network doesn't exist, from aTurnos we recommend adding the Private IP, because the public IP changes frequently.

  • You can add different IPs inside aTurnos, each of them can be associated to specific location or different locations. This offers the possibility to employees to indicate the location when checking-in/out and thereby filtering check-ins/out per location.

icono-aturnos Device Check-in/out

  • Any device registered (PC, mobile phone,tablet) in aTurnos used by employees as a work tool can be used to register staff entrances and exits. For example, a computer in a hotel’s reception registered in aTurnos, on it employees can check-in/out every time their shift starts or ends. We storage data in the device only to allow the working day start and end in this device. An administrator has to give permission in the device from a browser. This is an economical solution for employees with access to devices and who are in constant movement without being in an office or predefined place.

  • To learn hoy to register a device in aTurnos access to our manual here.

icono-aturnos How the check-in/out process works

  • It is an easy and quick procedure. Employees to perform check-ins/out must have access to with their user an password through a registered device and press "Play" or "Stop" that appears in the superior-right part.

icono-aturnos Direct integration with aTurnos

  • Check-ins/outs made by your employees by geolocation are inserted directly in aTurnos where you can check in real time the situation of your team. Analyze the excess/defect of hours worked regarding the scheduled and generate absences, complementary hours, overtime, etc.

  • Plan your staff hours creating shifts’ schedules and define the tolerances< /strong > which you establish the time margin to generate absences, overtime hours, complementary hours in your employee’s check-ins/outs.

  • From you can complete check-ins/outs in case they forgot to complete any check-in/out and analyze deviations produced regarding planning.

  • Generate reports in PDF or Excel about your employee’s check-ins/outs in, have a better control of your team and comply with the Daily working hours register of the 1.h) of the R.D. Law 16/2013 required by the Labor inspection.

  • Export the data to you payroll tool through a CSV file or with our API once the payroll concepts have been generated automatically in aTurnos.

icono-aturnos Check-in/out system configuration and functioning

  • In aTurnos we count with a manual where you can access to all the information of our tool and know how to configure the different check-ins/outs systems we count: