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How does our shift planning tool work?

Generate schedules with our shift calculator

You can use the shift calculator to generate a tailored fixed or rotating pattern. You only have to indicate your staff demands per shift or day and we will generate a pattern. Moreover, we take into account your legal restrictions or the convention you have configured in your team. You can also calculate different scenarios to save them or apply when necessary.


Create schedules templates with our shift patterns or import them through Excel

Shift patterns are shift and breaks sequences fixed or rotating. You can import or create your patterns in our systems and apply them to the corrisponding employees. Furthermore, you can check legal restrictions and personal of each employee before applying the selected shift pattern.

Insert shifts directly from the schedule

To cover leaves or holidays, or simply to specific moments where you need to apply a shift directly to one or more employees, you can go to the schedule. From this screen we suggest the most accurate person for the shift in accordance with restrictions, specialties, location, etc. With this process you don't have to worry about inserting wrong shifts or breaching any legal or personal restriction.


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Holidays and absences

Employees can request permissions and holidays from the system. These requests can be validated by administrators with the options of finding always an appropriate substitute.

Payroll concepts

Export planning data to payroll to automate payments in your payroll tool, automate this process for not making mistakes.

Tasks management

Once your employee’s schedule is made, allocate tasks manually or automatically in line with the abilities of each employee.

aTurnos is a complete solution for doing Plannings and managing employees

Do you have complex plannings and you need to automate shifts to your employees?

Discover our automated planning feature Forget about checking individual restrictions, specific schedules or the maximum hours a week. Indicate your work demands and at a click our advanced planning algorithms will generate the most optimal distribution.

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